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                  prefabricated glide pipes
                  positive pressure conveying pi
                  positive pressure conveying tw
                  computerized wheat touchdown m
                  permanent-magnet drum
                  pneumatic strobe
                  vibration powder returning mac
                  pneumatic stretch tight machin
                  positive wind closedown machin
                  Two way valve, magnetic separa
                  Magnetic inspection
                  Tube auger
                  Vibration discharging device
                    Wuxi Zhongda Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.
                  Board Chairman£ºPengming
                  General manager:TangYan
                  Sell manager:Liu yongqiang
                  Address£ºYangjian Town, Xishan District, Wuxi
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                  prefabricated glide pipes


                   Assembly type prefabricated slide-pipes[prefabricated glide pipes] is developed and produced by combining advanced machining technology in the Country with foreign reference materials introduced by Wuxi Grain Science Academy and Domestic Trade Department. The advantages of equipments from Britain Simon, ItalyAkelimu have also been assimilated and atmospheric pressure transportation system from Swiss Bule has been adopted. It is mainly used in the pipeline transportation of grain materials and powder materials in foodstuff processing industry such as flour mills, feedstuff factories, grinding factories and seed processing lines. The pipes the Company supplies being complete in specifications, convenient to assemble and easy to interchange, assembly speed can be greatly improved and economic benefits enhanced. The pipe pieces are well airtight and can improve working environment. Using quality plate material, the pipe pieces are finely produced. The outer wall uses static powder for spray coating, which makes it beautiful, tasteful and wear well. The inner wall of the pipes uses 214 nontoxic wearresistant dope for rust preventing. The product has been used by a great number of domestic factories, who are all very satisfied. Assembly type prefabricated slide-pipes[prefabricated glide pipes] provide reliable quarantee for all users' profitable production.


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