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            prefabricated glide pipes
            positive pressure conveying pi
            positive pressure conveying tw
            computerized wheat touchdown m
            permanent-magnet drum
            pneumatic strobe
            vibration powder returning mac
            pneumatic stretch tight machin
            positive wind closedown machin
            Two way valve, magnetic separa
            Magnetic inspection
            Tube auger
            Vibration discharging device
              Wuxi Zhongda Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.
            Board ChairmanPengming
            General manager:TangYan
            Sell manager:Liu yongqiang
            AddressYangjian Town, Xishan District, Wuxi
            Langxia Grain Machinery Hardware Fittings Factory) is located at the middle section of Xihu Road,Yangjian Town, East suburb of Wuxi City, 30km from Zhangjiagang overseas transport port to the north, 18km from Wuxi Airport to the southwest and 15km from Huning Speedway to the west. The transportation is very convenient. The Company owns 6 million yuan of fixed assets and 2.5 million yuan of circulating fund with an annual sales volume of over 10 million yuan. There are 6 professional technical personnel,150 employed workers, 2 assembly teams and about 50 assembly workers in the Company. other technical authority experts (experts in powder-making and in electric appliances) are also engaged as advisors. Main product is Zhongda Brand assembly type prefabricated slide-pipes.
                 It is developed and produced according to the LS 82-85 Standard of Domestic Trade Department and by combining advanced machining technology in the Country with advanced reference materials introduced by Wuxi Grain Science Academy of Domestic Trade Department. The Company also produces some kind of grain machinery equipments as matching use for flour and feedstuff companies and factories. The prefabricated slide-pipes the Company produces all comply with national grain sanitation standards. The inner wall of the pipes uses 214 nontoxic wearresistant dope for rust preventing and the outer wall uses static powder for spray coating, which makes it beautiful, tasteful and wear well. Obturation and interchangeablity is vital to the quality of slide-pipes. The special pipe clips and rubber loops designed and produced by the Company, for which national patent has been applied, can stop stuff leak and air leak at all and improve the working condition in flour workshops. The Company also produces electrically and pneumatically driven valves for flour mills, butterfly-shaped valves, vibration powder returning machine,pneumatically and manually driventhin silk net stretch tight machine, permanent-magnet drum and some fittings such ascleanup cake、shock absorption cushion、material feeder.
                The tenet of the Company's service is: Consulting service before sales, Assembly service during sales and Follow-up service after sales.
                 To make customers know and use the Company's products better, The Company will specially send assigned personnel on the spotto offer consultancy, from obligated holes to pre-buried pieces. During the sales, the Company will send personnel for assembly instructions, so that the product meets the requirements of technics and appearance better. After sales, the Company will contact the customers from time to time to know about their feedback and improve the quality of the products and its after-sale service. Zhongda Brand slide-pipes walks out of the country gate to the world. Having made on-the-spot investigations in 1994 and 1995 to several well-known prefabricated slide-pipe manufacturers in the country, [Japan Zhigashang Industry Co., Ltd.] Industrial Co., Ltd. from Japan finally established Wuxi Zhigashang Grain Machinery Co., Ltd. with the Company, jointly producing whole set of prefabricated slide-pipes and pneumatic flour conveying (positive pressure conveying) equipments such as pneumatic stretch tight machine、twin channel valve、wringer、storehouse bottom belt tripper. In 1999, the Company set up Wuxi Zhongda Cement Products Machinery Factory with fixed assets over 1 million yuan. It owns some large equipments such as 6Mplaner、80T press、5t travelling crane, producing centrifugal steel molds and processing Cold work cake gold.
                In the new century, with its first-grade production equipments, first-grade quality of products, first-grade assembly speed and quality, in addition to its preferential prices, the Company will advance hand in hand with its old and new customers and create the splendour in the flour-milling industry in a brand new century.  

            Wuxi Zhongda Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.  Address:Yangjian Town, Xishan District, Wuxi   Code:214107  Email:wxzd@wxzd.com
            Board Board Chairman:Pengming   General manager:TangYan  Sell manager:Liu yongqiang  Mobile:13646178217 Tel:(0086)510-88731537   Fax:(0086)510-88340005  
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